Exciting Events!

Senior Kylee Boen

Good morning Nashville Christian students and families! It has been a great start to this month. Many very exciting events have been going on in the high school students’ lives.

Kylee Boen, a senior at NSC, along with her fellow classmates have started softball. Boen stated, “ I love playing softball and am so hype that is started. I have been waiting for so long.”

Kylee was also accepted into University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. “ I got into UTC! I have wanted to go there since I was in like fifth grade. I told my step-dad and he sent me a meme from ‘The Office.’”

Will Taylor, a junior at NCS, watched the UT game on Saturday. UT is his favorite team. He said, “We stopped Georgia Tech on a two point conversion and won.”

He is also going to the UT game with Tyler Demonbreun and Lewis Wes. Will says, “I’m very excited to go to another game.”

Chloe Leung, a junior at NCS, was very excited to see her favorite guest speaker this week in chapel. She said, “Patrick sang the Koolaid song and that is my favorite song ever. I love singing and dancing to it.”

Chloe also said, “This weekend I have more volleyball. But I’m going to hang out with some friends this weekend.”

Friday night the high school boys football team is playing Zion Christian. Hopefully the boys will bring us home a win. Over the summer and start of the school year the boys have been working hard to have a great season.

High school girls soccer played University School of Nashville and Davidson Christian Academy. They have been working very hard to gain a win. Their defense is improving tremendously. The lady eagles are getting stronger and more aggressive each game.

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