Pre-Game Traditions

Hello Nashville Christian students and families! This week is Homecoming 2017.  So, this week I went around and asked people what pre-game traditions they had. People had a variety of things that they do.

Mr. Caleb Goff, the high school Algebra 1, 2, and Pre-Calculus teacher said, “I used to play soccer and we always said the Lord’s prayer before a game. I wished we got more hype before games though.”

Hayden Jarrell, a junior and number 53 on the football field said, “I listen to country music before the games. When I go back to the locker room the team listens to rap music.”

Grace Curley, a senior soccer player, said, “Well, way before the game we eat Chick-fil-A together. Then we listen to music to get hype. As we all dance around, our energy levels raise to the roof. As our excitement for the game grows we chant ‘i believe that we will win.’ I get super excited for games.”

Chloe Leung, a junior and number four on the volleyball court, likes to keep things simple. “The team eats dinner together and read a devotional. It brings us closer together and makes us more of a family. We have done well this season so it must be working.

Kayli Mothershed, a sophomore at NCS plays volleyball, softball, and basketball. She said, “Last year during basketball season the freshmen would make beats before we came out of the locker room. It got everyone excited and hype for the game.”

As we can see, people have many different ways to raise their energy before a game. For some it is food and for others it is music.

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