Exams may seem far away for most students, but for those taking AP U.S. History, exams are right around the corner. For Ms. Sarah Robinson’s class, the practice exam is less than a week away. This practice exam will count for the students’ final exam grades on their high school transcripts. Most students in class are more concerned about the practice exam than the real AP exam because the actual AP exam doesn’t count as a grade.

“I’m nervous because it’s all happening so fast and I need to study a lot,” said junior Hope McWright, who is taking AP U.S. History.

AP exams are scored on a 5 point scale. A 5 indicates mastery of the subject, and a 4 signals proficiency in the subject. A 3 counts as passing the exam. Some colleges will give credit for students who score highly, but it is uncommon. Many colleges have a policy of not accepting any AP credits. This can be frustrating to students who do college level work all year, knowing it won’t be accepted.

“I have mixed feelings [about AP classes]. It’s a big let down if you’ve worked really hard all year just to not earn college credit for the courses. I like dual enrollment better because you’re still being challenged in a college class, but you actually get credit for it. However, having to work really hard lets you get used to what the work load may look like in college,” said junior Abby Shivers.

Despite the class not counting towards their college transcripts, most of the students are working hard to pass their exams. Coach Rob holds study session at every free moment. The study group meets before school, during lunch, and during study hall to review the 9 periods of United States history. They’re even going to get together on an upcoming Saturday and eat breakfast and study for a few hours.

Hopefully all this works pays off for the students, and they do well on the fast-approaching practice exam and their final AP exam. Wish them luck! They’re gonna need it.


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