Students Day at Six Flags

On Friday, April 20, Dual Enrollment Pre-calculus and AP Physics students went on a trip to Six Flags Over Atlanta. The day served as a fun break for the students taking rigorous classes throughout the year.

Students showed up to school at 5:45 am in order to leave for the 4 hour trip to Atlanta. They arrived at around 11 am and began enjoying the many things the park had to offer.

Sam Bullock, a junior, said, “The car ride was bearable. This is because there were some good moments that were few and far between. Sometimes people fell asleep, and there was this one truck that drove through a fence, onto the highway, hit the separating wall, and then just turned and kept going down the highway like nothing happened. We ended up spending a total of 8 hours in the bus throughout the day, but we got out of school so I’m not complaining.”

Hampton Taron, a junior who went on the trip, said, “The first thing we did was take a group picture. Everyone went with separate groups. The first ride that I rode was called the Goliath. It was probably one of the tallest roller coasters there. When you’re strapped in, it only holds down your legs, so I was kind of scared. When I was on the coaster, I realized that it was a mistake to have gotten on, but it was too late to get off. After the ride, though, I was glad that I went on the coaster because it helped me get over my fear of heights.”

Ethan Bledsoe, a junior, said, “My favorite part of the trip were the jokes. My favorite thing at the park was riding the Goliath with Zach Clark. He was screaming like a little girl and it was hilarious.”

Students stayed at the park until around 5 pm, which made for a total of 6 hours spent at the park. They then began the drive back home and arrived at 10 pm.

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