Bellevue Mall Gets A Face Lift

This year, we have been watching the construction going on in our own town of Bellevue. After the mall sat empty for many years, they finally found out something to do with it- make another mall! This new mall is called “One Bellevue Place” and has been bustling with business ever since the area opened.

Stores and restaurants include Ulta, Petsmart, HomeGoods, Ross, AMC, Chicken Salad Chick, Chili’s, Panera, Sprouts, Qdoba, Maurice’s, Burlington, Michaels, Jimmy Johns, and many others on the way. They are also building a hotel and there are apartments in the back. This new mall area has created lots of new jobs for our area and makes the area look a lot nicer than before.

Everyone in the community can shop in the wide range of stores in the new mall, from students to grandparents. “I love the new One Bellevue Place, there are so many new stores there that are very accessible to me. Having the new AMC movie theater is my favorite part, especially when we get to go on field trips there!” said junior Allie Hunter. Junior Ben Simpson says, “My favorite part about One Bellevue Place is definitely the new Jimmy Johns and Chicken Salad Chick (the cookies are my favorite) because I love food.” Many other students love the new restaurant additions to Bellevue

One Bellevue Place sure does give Bellevue a face life and will benefit the community for years to come.


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