Student Life

What Are Your Plans Pre/Post Prom?

Emmie Kate Boucher (12th) – I’m taking pictures with a group of friends at Belle View…after prom I’m just hanging out with some friends

Aiden Fuson (12th) – My plans before prom is to take it easy and get ready and go somewhere to get pictures for the prom. We might stay for the after party after the banquet.

Hope Lovell (11th) – I’m going to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel, get my makeup done, get ready, and go take pictures with friends. Then we are having an after party at my house.

Shelby Lloyd (11th) – Taking a nap until 1:00 in the afternoon. Afterward, I’m taking a nap until Sunday at 1:00.

Lindsey Usry (11th) – Take pictures before and staying for after party.

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