How To Be An Efficient Student During Quarantine

It’s already hard enough to pay attention in AP Calculus on a normal day at school. It even harder when you get to lay in your comfortable bed with the Netflix tab just one click away. I think if we were weighing our options here in quarantine, we would want to binge a show rather than doing a worksheet for Biology. However, just because we aren’t on campus doesn’t mean those grades don’t matter. Below is 5 ways you can be more efficient in your study time during distance learning:

  1. Make your own routine

I know the last thing you want to do is set an early alarm and get out of your comfy pajamas. We would all rather lounge, but setting a schedule will help you achieve a bit more normalcy at home. Get up, eat something, and find a comfortable workspace.

2. Do your work within the given hours of class time

It’s so tempting to turn that assignment in at 11:59 pm rather than 9:00 in the morning. Its best, though, that you do your work within the given school hours so that you can enjoy your evening away from school. Its hard to separate school life and home life in quarantine! Get your work done and have family time!

3. Check on your grades

Distance learning can keep us distracted from our normal drive to have good grades, especially with a whole new class setup. Make sure you are checking on your grades and keeping up with missing assignments!

4. Keep in touch with your classmates

Don’t be afraid to FaceTime a friend and ask for help on assignments. Plus, I’m sure they are missing sitting by you in AP Human Geography everyday.

5. Have fun!

Distance learning gives us all a great opportunity to enjoy time with our families. Have a movie night, dress up for dinner at home, order take out from a local business, and enjoy  being at home. Seniors, make the most of these last few moments at home!

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