The 3 Best Board Games To Play During Quarantine

1.) Monopoly

Monopoly is definitely a very long board game. The goal of the game is to try and own all the property on the board. You need at least 2 players. However, that is not recommended due to how long it takes to play, the rules, the role of the banker, etc. The duration of the game might actually be a plus during this time. You have hours of time to kill now, what better way to do that than to be throwing money at your family members angirly. This game is also best played with older family members rather than small children.

2.) Clue

Clue might be one of my favorite games. For the fact that everytime you play it, it is always a different outcome. Clue is about a mysterious murder during a houseparty. You have to find out who was killed, who killed them, and with what. You shuffle the cards and deal them out. The remaining three cards go into an envelope and you try and ask questions to the other participants to figure out the answer of who, what, and how. By process of elimination and investigating you can figure out the answer. You even get to pick your own character to be as, (one of the house party guests like Colonel Mustard or Mrs.White the maid). This game was so popular it even got its own movie. Note about this game: it is better played with older family members than younger children.

3.) The Game Of Life

The Game of Life is more family friendly. Here you can get go through the stages of life, board game style. The goal of the game is to try and make it to retirement before the other participants. This game is able to be played with just 2 members and a lot shorter than Monopoly. During the game you get to make decisions like what jobs and houses you live in. This is decided all by a spinning wheel. The spinning wheel tells you how many blocks you move forward on. These blocks might say something like: Congrats! Your Getting Married, Twin Boys!, Pay Day!, or the blocks might as you if you want to go on the Safe path or Risky path.

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