Things You Should Know Before Joining Journalism








by Brooke Smith

Things You Should Know Before Joining Journalism:

1: Don’t be deceived by the fancy title, it’s really just yearbook club.

2: This class may or may not improve your writing skills, but it will definitely test them.

3: This class gives deadlines a whole new meaning.

4: If you don’t send Mr. Atkins to the hospital, he will send you.

5: On the bright side, it will add some color to your transcript.

6: The more people in the class, the less work you do. So if you really want to take it, make sure you’ve got a lot of buddies willing to take it with you.

7: This class requires a lot of focus. If you are easily distracted, it will make this class even harder.

8: In the end, the bond between you and your classmates will be the strongest (or strangest) thing known to man.

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