Introducing Your New Guilty Pleasure and All The Perks That Come With It

by Catherine Tudor

We all have our guilty pleasures or what we call our “alone shows”. These shows are what we will watch all on our own and if someone tries to talk to us during that time, we tell them to go away. Because the last thing you need is a hater intently judging you on all the emotional investment you have in a group of fictional characters. For many, Supernatural is their alone show.

Here’s a quick background on the show: Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel around America to hunt and kill evil things such as demons, ghosts, and vampires. They are hot, damaged at times, and lack any parental figures in their life.

There are 2 types of people who watch this show—there are the guys that watch it for its large amount of gore and violence, and then there are the girls who started to watch it because of the attractive male leads. This show has managed to compile drama, comedy, horror, action, and fantasy all into one.

“It’s fascinating to watch that kind of fantasy show,” junior Laura Pickard says.

Some key things that you need to know before watching Supernatural are as follows:

  • once you start there is no return
  • be prepared for a big death pile-up
  • be prepared to fall in love with the good and the bad characters
  • good vs evil has a whole new meaning

When asked about what someone should know before watching Supernatural, Laura Pickard replied, “Don’t get attached to any character—they’re all gonna die”.

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