A New Way to Get Your Protein!

image1Do you like milkshakes? You probably would be saying yes right now, because who doesn’t like milkshakes? Let me be more specific: do you like beef jerky flavored milkshakes or Oreo mud pie, with a special chocolate and blended up cricket protein powder, flavored milkshakes? Of course you would! Okay, maybe not… Well, starting very recently, Wayback Burgers now sells beef jerky and cricket Oreo mud pie flavored milkshakes, but only for a limited time.

The newly released jerky and cricket milkshakes are definitely very different. Sure, nobody wants their breathe to smell like beef jerky, but these milkshakes are protein packed. The jerky milkshake, according to Wayback Burger’s website, is said to have 20 grams of protein. The Oreo mud pie (with crickets) milkshake carries 24 grams of protein!

The jerky milkshake is described as having delicious, vanilla bean ice cream, with BBQ, maple syrup and hickory spice flavors  all mixed in, and even one or two Slim Jim beef sticks depending on the size (sounds appetizing, right?). The Oreo mud pie and cricket milkshake is made with vanilla bean ice cream, Oreo Cookie crumbles, Peruvian chocolate cricket protein powder, and chocolate and coffee flavors blended altogether. These two milkshakes are available in 12 oz. and 22 oz. sizes.

So now that these milkshakes and their contents have been, I think it’s only fair to taste test them myself. After going into a nearby Wayback Burger restaurant and ordering the two raunchy milkshakes, the taste test begins with the Slim Jim milkshake.

The first thing I tasted was pure maple syrup and heavy BBQ flavors, so they totally nailed the description of the taste. Was it very tasty? Definitely… not at all. Sure, its called a beef jerky shake, but nobody wants to be drinking what tastes like liquified beef sticks for a few minutes. It’s safe to say after 2 or 3 sips, the shake was trashed. Then, the moment of truth, saving the worst possible one for last. After hesitating to even try it, I finally decided to try it. To be honest, it was actually REALLY good. It tasted like a regular chocolate and Oreo crumble milkshake. If I has handed one of these without being told there were a ton of mashed up crickets in it, I would have never known. This one would’ve tasted better for someone who has a super sweet tooth, because it was super rich in chocolate flavour for sure.

So, overall, the cricket one was 100 times better than the Slim Jim milkshake, for sure. These milkshakes, however, are most likely meant for those who are daredevils when it comes to food. Go stop at the nearest Wayback Burger and try one for yourself while they’re still being sold. Who knows, you might like them both!

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