Halloween: Bonding, Memories, and Lots of Fun

IMG_0740Halloween is a time for memories. Growing up, kids look forward to the holiday where you can be anything you desire—from a superhero, to a princess, or to a sports player they admire. They can fill their bags with tons of candy that will last them months. They can also go with their friends and see all the cool costumes they are wearing.

As you get older, going door to door isn’t as fun anymore. When you’re a teen it’s more about which haunted house is the scariest or who has the scariest costume. Halloween parties are common for this crowd to show off the costume they put together. As an adult with kids it’s about seeing your little one dress up all excited for the tons of candy they will have by the end of the night. While thinking about the cavities that will come from this one holiday.

There are many traditions during this time of the year. Carving pumpkins is a great way to bond with family. Decorations are a big part of Halloween. Some just drive around to look at people’s yards to see the big blow ups that they filled their yards with. Decorating is sometimes a big part of getting into the spirit of Halloween and bonding time with their families.

Some stay in and watch scary movies and hand out candy to the kids from the neighborhood who come around each year. Halloween to some is the best time of the year because it is not like any other holiday in the year. It can be a time where people dress up as people they admire or be as creative as possible without looking crazy because that is how everyone looks. It is a time for bonding, memories, and lots of fun.

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