2015 Bowling Season

From the end of September through mid-November, the bowling team had changed in different ways. The biggest change being the relocation of the home games, ever since the old Strike and Spare by Nashville West closed. Not just that, but the 2015 season ended with a couple of senior bowlers leaving, but also gaining several new, great bowlers that will continue their bowling careers on the team.

Seniors Jeremy Coleman and William Spurgeon played for the bowling team all throughout their high school lives. It definitely was a bittersweet feeling for both seniors: all four years on the team was a great, fun experience, but at the same time, makes it hard for them to have to leave the bowling team.

At the same time, the team easily accepted new members on the team to keep the legacy going. Being all first year bowlers, freshmen Aden Fuson and Hampton Taron, sophomore Patrick Irwin, and junior Tucker Allen all loved the sport and will hopefully be playing a second year next year.

Fuson was easily the most improved bowler this season. At the beginning of the season, he was making 70s and 80s per game. By the end of the season, he was finishing games with a score of at least 100 points and sometimes even 120 and 130 points. During every match, he was encouraged all throughout the season by his teammates, his relatives, and his coach, James Carlucci.

Overall, the bowling team definitely showed their best in the 2015 season. At least everyone on the team won a few of their games against their opponents on the other team, but at the same time, it’s safe to say that the most difficult thing about this season is how the bowling team is smaller than most teams, so it’s especially hard to win games. It’s also safe to say that even though the team won’t win every game they play, they still try their hardest and they never give up.

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