Inside the Mind of a Hooper

IMG_3592The Nashville Christian Lady Eagles are off too a good start this year. Due to their recent success it seems as if the future is bright for them. I sat down with Sonja Shelton and interviewed her in order to get some thoughts on what it’s like to be a Lady Eagle.

Q: How does it feel to be a lady Eagle?

A: “Like a great feeling”.

Q:How long have you been playing basketball?

A: “Since day one or in the womb”.

Q:Before the season started what were you most excited about?

A: “I was excited to see how hard were going to work this year”.

Q: Now that the season is here have you experienced any surprises or maybe setbacks that were unexpected?

A:: I was surprised at how well we can play when we are on[our A-Game]”.

Q: What’s the best part about basketball to you?

A: “I love playing the game and I love my team more”.

Q: As a team what would you say the goal is?

A: “To play at our highest capacity”

Q: How do you prepare before a game?

A: ” I put my beats on and listen to Future. It gets me hype”.

Q:What can become a distraction when it comes to basketball?

A: ” I don’t know”

Q:What’s the funniest moment you have ever experienced on the court?

A: “When I broke this girl’s ankles my freshman year”.

Sonja was great and answered all my questions and we wish her and the Lady Eagles the best of luck.

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