Coming Home Days and Games

Below are the dress up days and Games for Coming Home 2016 (along with the dress code for the week):

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Hippie Day

Wednesday- America Day

Thursday- Sports Day

Friday- Spirit Day

There will be no judging, so teachers will keep their eyes out for anyone breaking the dress code below: 

Dress up Rules:

  • Modest wear, no skin showing that would not be normally shown during school
  • No spaghetti straps, tank tops or short shorts, NO DAISY DUKES!         
  • No weapons (not even plastic)
  • Nothing grotesque
  • Tights/Leggings do not substitute as pants and must be covered.
  • No writing on the seat of the pants

REMEMBER! We are a Christian school, dress appropriately, if not, points will be deducted and you WILL be sent home to change. ** You will not be able to participate in any remaining dress days for the rest of the week. Please use common sense, if you have a question, ASK!

Games are as follows:


– 1 class sponsor

– 2 students for each grade

– RULES: The two students will have three rolls of toilet paper beside their class sponsor.

 The students have to wrap their sponsor with all three rolls of toilet paper.

Once the teacher is covered they are to run to the opposite side of the court.

The first one to cross the line wins.

*The toilet paper has to be wrapped around the teacher.


–  4 students from each class

– 1 Teacher Team (If enough teachers volunteer)

– RULES: Each team will be given one bat.

Each person is to bend over and spin around the bat 20 times.

* Their will be someone there to count the spins

After the 20 spins you then run through the cones set up to half court and back.

Once that person crosses the line, the next person starts spinning.

The first team to have all their players cross the line and sit down wins.


– 3 people from each class (At least one girl)

– RULES: We will have the chairs set up in the middle of the court.

– There will be a camera set up for instant replays

– The judges will help judge (hopefully)

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