The Preparation for Prom/Banquet

The biggest event that’s about to happen is approaching very quickly for any Junior or Senior. The event that sucks a bunch of money up for one night and leaves you exhausted the next day. That event being Prom or –in the NCS community–banquet.

If you have a junior or senior you’ve probably already had the discussions about the tux, or the dress, the hair, the makeup, or maybe if you’re even lucky enough, the limo. All of it for that one special night with whoever you spend it with. A time for us high schoolers to have a time to just relax and have a nice dinner with some of our closest friends. Whatever the reason, it will be a night that we will always remember.

I know for myself I cannot wait for banquet. It’s going to be a great opportunity for one weekend to not actually worry about school work and have a fun night with some of my best friends. I know we’ve thought about some different things to do afterwards and on our list is the escape room, but that is a whole different topic of how amazing those are. Just know parents, this might seem like a silly night to you that we spend so much time and money. Just know it all pays off. I know from past experiences some of my favorite moments were at prom and I wouldn’t trade them for a thing.

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