Places to go at Nashville West

Nashville West is a popular shopping center with a Target and plenty of places to eat as well. So, the main places people at school here go to is mainly Target and or Dick’s Sporting Goods and after shopping they go to one of the several restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, Logan’s, Outback, Blue Coast, NY Pie, and several others.

A lot of students who go over to Nashville West during lunch go to eat and some go to go shopping and then come back to school. Nashville west always manages to have tons of cars in its parking lot, mainly in front of Target, but sometimes its somewhere else, but its mainly in front of Target.

Also, if a game has a midnight release at the Gamestop then sometimes—at least they used to—Buffalo Wild Wings would serve food to the people waiting in line. Granted, they charged for it, but it is better than nothing.

From what I have seen, there are for some reason always people waiting for Target to open everyday. It’s not the same people, but still, really, what is so important that it requires you to wait for them to open—unless its a super limited thing like a Nintendo Switch or something then I understand. But still.

Something I do feel that is unsafe is going around there after a big sports game just ended because that means Buffalo Wild Wings lets out a lot of people and a lot of them seem tipsy or buzzed at the very least and sometimes those people are the ones driving. Although I haven’t had any issues; it’s just something I have been told about so it could just be exaggeration. But you can’t say I didn’t warn you if you encounter one of them driving. Also if you are one of the someones who had a few to many drinks, get someone else to drive who can focus properly for everyone’s sake.

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