The amount of homework students get a night can vary from no time at all to hours on end. Some students are able to cope with their heavy loads, while others collapse under the pressure. In this article, I will talk to students and teachers about their advice and experience when it comes to getting homework done.

One teacher notorious for giving out large quantities of homework is Ms. Karen Shivers, who teaches AP physics, dual enrollment pre-calculus, and AP physics. She said,  “I probably give my students around an hour worth of homework each night.”

While this may not sound like a lot, you have to keep in mind that this hour is only from one class out of the seven that students take.

With all this homework, students need to be strategic with how they spend their time since there are only 24 hours in a day.

Jack Forte, a senior in theater, takes dual enrollment English and AP Calculus, said, “I take advantage of senior hall. A lot of the times I fit homework in to before practice, during practice when I’m not on stage, and after practice.”

Sam Wilson, a junior who played football and is taking AP Physics and AP US History, said, “I probably get an hour and a half to two hours of homework a night. I usually did my homework at around 7 since football practice ended at 6 and I have a 30 minute drive home. I used my grades as a motivator to get my work done.”

Tips to take away from these students is that you need to smart with your time management. Many seniors say that they take advantage of senior hall as a time to finish their homework.

Take Jack Forte for example. Every moment of downtime he has during play practice, he uses it as a time to finish homework.

It is also important to stay motivated. It can seem at times that homework is a waste of time, but consider that it has a big effect on your grades, which have a big effect on your future.

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