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Coming Home

For the week of January 8-12 at Nashville Christian, students are celebrating Coming Home, the basketball version of homecoming. To do this, students are taking part in different dress up days.

Monday was officially called Disney/Marvel/Star Wars day. This day was one of the more popular as it gave students the opportunity to dress up as one of the many Disney characters.

Corbin White, a junior, said, “I dressed up as Fix-it-Felix. I wore Timberlands, ripped Blue Jeans, and a blue jean jacket. I did it because Ashley Duncan encouraged me to.”

Tuesday was tropical day. Everyone dressed up in tropical clothing in an attempt to forget that it is the middle of January.

Ethan Vick, a sophomore, said “I wore addidas sweatpants, a yellow t-shirt that said aloha, clout goggles, and a long sleeve tropical shirt over the yellow shirt. I felt very tropical and stylish.”

Wednesday was Senior citizen day, in which everyone dressed in their interpretation of what old people wear. This included the use of sweaters, flat caps, or even pyjamas. Some people even used props like canes and wigs.

Hampton Taron, a junior, said “I wore vintage, high waisted sweatpants and a t-shirt that I tucked into the sweatpants that said I love dogs. I think this day was all in good fun and a good laugh for everyone.”

Thursday was Napoleon Dynamite day. Students dressed up like various characters from the movie Napoleon Dynamite before actually viewing the movie in the MPR.

Xavier Myers, a junior, said “I dressed up as one of the bullies, I wore a leather jacket, a jersey, and some jeans. I was glad to get out of class to go watch a movie.

The week finally ended on Friday with spirit day where students wore as much NCS apparel as possible. However, students were unable to participate in this because school was cancelled due to snow.

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