Preparing for the April ACT

On April 14, 2018, students around the country, including those from NCS, will be taking the ACTs once again. The ACT is an important college entrance exam used all over the U.S. for colleges looking at potential students.

High School Guidance Counselor Janet King said, “Some colleges don’t require the ACT, instead they view a holistic approach. Most, however, look at the ACT and look at individual scores to see what classes you get in to. It is important you do well because, typically, the higher your score, the more scholarships you are eligible for and the more colleges you can get into. I’d recommend any student to take it three times.”

The ACT starts at school at around 8 am on a Saturday and can be taken here at NCS.

Hampton Taron, a junior who recently took the ACT said, “I didn’t like taking it because I was hungry and couldn’t focus. It was my first time taking it. Next time I’m probably going to try to eat a better meal before and study more.”

While most people are not satisfied with their initial scores, this doesn’t stop them from getting it up. Here at NCS, many people take ACT prep with Mrs. Harper to do so.  

Drew Taylor, a junior taking the class, said, “We practice reading and comprehending what we read. We studied math with Coach Brothers. We also use online resources to practice grammar. I think the class has helped me very much.”

Overall, the ACT is something which can contribute to stressing many high school students out. However, there is no reason to fear as there are many different resources which can help prepare you for the ACT.

Also, students need not worry about doing well their first time as a good score takes time. All that matters is that you study hard and be prepared.

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