How each Spider-Men is different from one another, based on their storyline

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

There are three Spider-Man’s but they all have different storylines. The first Spider-Man movie released in 2002 focused on the standard comic book story, he was bitten by a spider, his uncle died, and he becomes a hero to man haddin. In SpiderMan’s 1-3 he meets characters that becomes his enemies that he has to fight.

Andrew Garfield

Unlike Tobey, This wall crawler has a different path from the comics. In The Amazing Spider-Man peter finds out about his parents and who his dad worked with which is Dr. Connors, He is a more technically advanced than tobey with his mechanical web shooters. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the ending takes a really dark turn and his love interest dies.

Tom Holland

Our most recent Spidey since Captain America Civil War, Tom Holland is much more interactive with the MCU and there was a strong mentor relationship with Ironman who becomes like a father figure to him. How this spidey’s story ends with no way home, we have seen heavy interaction, lots of science, and with the current Spider-man story, We’ve been introduced to the Multi-verse which gives us new ways for all 3 to interact and new stories that were never in the comics.

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