Ranking the 2010s.

I have nothing else to write about, so why not rank the last decade?

10. 2016– not the best year by a long shot. With all of the political unease and such, we still see lasting effects of this year now.

9. 2017– 2016 part II.

8. 2018– Truthfully speaking, I actually forgot this year happened, nothing all that major took place in it.

7. 2011– I’m sure 2011 was okay but I forgot about it until I got to number 7 so I’m just placing it here.

6. 2019– The last year of the decade, and with Covid getting its start here, this year really set the 2020s in motion.

5. 2015– The last year before 2016.

4. 2014– Although not the greatest year in the decade, it certainly had its moments.

3. 2010– The start of the decade– for better or worse.

2. 2013– 2012 Part II.

  1. 2012– Contrary to popular belief, the world didn’t end this year, which is quite nice.

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