Student Life

Student Government Elections 2015

by Catherine Tudor

electionsEvery year, towards the middle of April, Nashville Christian students start campaigning for student government elections. Anyone  9th through 11th grade can run for the positions of president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer.

First,  students sign up with Mrs. Torrez and have about a week to campaign. Then, the high school along with the incoming 8th graders sit through a variety of speeches, listening to what the different candidates have to say and offer for the next school year.

Senior, and current student government vice president, Zac Varner offered some insight on what he thinks about the candidates, “They are all very capable of doing a great job, but they need to focus more on what they stand for and not just on their campaign.”

“In my opinion, it’s not the advertisement that matters, it’s the speech they [give] and not the signs on the wall,” senior, and student government president, Collin Kemp said.

Some of the things that candidates have done this week to try and win some votes: pass out buttons, come up with a cute hashtag, and give away free food such as cookies, brownies, and sausage balls during break.

Along with campaigning and trying to win people over, candidates also have to come up with a speech about what they stand for and what they would do if they won. Junior Kassie Perez, who is running for vice president, said, “I decided that I wanted to talk about more privilege for the students because seniors get 99% of the special privilege, for example sweat pants for exams weeks. We’re all so tired and need to be comfy for such a stressful week. I just feel sometimes we don’t get our voice heard.”

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