School House… Rock!

The fall high school drama production is School House Rock Live! Jr. It is a student directed show by Ryan Leflar (12th grade) and Hope McWright (11th grade).

The show is about a young teacher named Tami (played by Kennedy Nichols, 11th grade) who is nervous about the first day of school. To ease her worries, she turns on the TV to watch, and School House Rock comes on, which is a show from her childhood. Soon, she realizes that the characters are coming out of the TV and helping her with lessons for the first day of school. There are some great songs in the show like “Circulation”, “Interplanet Janet”, and “Elbow Room” to help Tami go through all of the subjects.

“Directing a high school show like School House Rock is a fun experience to be able to direct your peers and create something all together while having fun,” said Ryan Leflar, senior, who is a co-director of the show. This show is very dance-centered and you will surely be entertained by all the dance numbers.

“Being in Schoolhouse Rock is so fun! It’s really interesting and fun on a different level because the directors are two of my good friends. It’s also really fun to do it again after 6 years. I can’t wait for the show, and I hope everyone comes out to see it,” said Abby Shivers , junior, who plays Dori in the show, one of the characters who comes from the TV. She and many other cast members are excited to put on this show.

This high-energy show is sure to be a great way to experience the drama program at NCS, for it is a part of the One Act Weekend (Sept. 30th- Oct. 1st). One Act Weekend will also feature the middle school student directed (by Anna Jones, 11th grade) show Alice and Wonderland. It’s sure to be a great weekend so invite all your friends.

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