Success Being A Downfall

For the past couple of months football has not been great for Mr. Johnny Football. Numerous accusations have come up against the 2nd year Cleveland Browns quarterback in the recent months. But this isn’t something knew for the soon -to-be-ex superstar.

Manziel’s off field problems can be traced back to as early as his college years. Before his first year of school at Texas A&M Manziel got into a fight with some people at a bar and was required to spend time in counseling by the school. Then, during his first season with Cleveland, Manziel had alcohol problems and admitted himself to a treatment center for 10 weeks. During his second season with the Browns Manziel was caught partying with friends during the bye week and according to sources ,”lied about it”.

The list goes on and on about the things that Johnny Manziel has done or has been accused of. This article isn’t to bash Johnny Manziel,but it’s to make us think about what success can do to people. We can look at the issues that are around Johnny Manziel and reflect on our own life. We need to realize that when you achieve success not to get carried away—because in the end it may not turn out to be how you want it to be.

When you have freedom you have to be careful to not abuse it because it could lead to bad results too. One ex-NFL player by the name of Ryan Leaf talks about how looking at Johnny Manziel is like a mirror. He too had the same problems Johnny Manziel did. He was the 2nd overall draft pick behind Peyton Manning, but only played four seasons in the NFL. He is considered to be  one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. He says, “I can relate to so many things … There’s a solution. There always is but it’s so hard to see when you’re on this pedestal and [think] you don’t need help. You don’t need to be vulnerable because you’re a big, strong football player and help means [being] weak. It doesn’t. Asking for help might be the strongest thing you ever do. ” It’s never wrong to ask for help, because if you don’t you could end up going down a road you don’t want to.

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