Top 5 Movies of All Time (in my opinion)

  1. At number 1 we have Boyz in the Hood, I chose this movie to be first because it shows how some places of the world are and its just a really great movie all around
  2. Menace 2 society, this movie also shows how the world is but it shares an amazing story with the group of friends that is involved in dangerous things where they live.
  3. Django, this movie is a great movie to watch because it retells history but in a more exciting way, it doesn’t make African- Americans look weak or helpless it makes them look strong and brave that’s what makes the movie so great.
  4. Shooter, this movie talks about a man who is framed for killing someone that he really didn’t kill, he is a high class sniper and manages to get his way through the situation.
  5. Straight Outta Compton, this movie tells the story of N.W.A and is an all around great movie, it tells all about their legacy and all they accomplished.

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