(My) Top 5 Nostalgic Mario Games I Recommendations

1. New Super Mario Bros DS.

If you were a kid growing up in the mid or late 2000s, or even the early 2010s, Mario has been the ultimate nostalgia icon of the decades since the beginning of the 20th century. New Super Mario Bros DS has been known for its nostalgia, its soundtrack, phrases, and its amount of success its made. In the game you play as Mario on a quest to save the captured Princess Peach through worlds packed of adventures, courses, obstacles and many more, not only can you enjoy such an adventure with the red Italian plumber but you can also have some fun mini games with Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi. The game has sold 30 million copies and to be the 6th or 7th highest selling video game ever made. This is a high recommendation for a Mario game from the mid 2000s for gamers of all ages that have started a journey with this character from their early childhood years to what they are now.

Mario Kart DS

WHile we’re getting into Mario’s mid age of his franchise, when it comes to Mario Kart Games there’s only one that grabs the attention and thats Mario Kart DS. This game features most of the iconic mario characters from the franchise and R.O.B. the robot (even though he’s not even in Mario), there are lots of fun tracks throughout the game that are very fun and enjoyable at times, my personal favorite has to be Yoshi falls. In this game each and every character also have their own personalized karts in the game. This game is really good and the best in its series and I recommend it.

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D land is yet another one of Mario’s many adventures but in 3D, in the game you get the leaf raccoon power up suit that allows Mario to levitate in the air for a few seconds and turn into stone if wearing the red scarf on the outfit. Mario has set on another journey to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Most of the stuff in the game that are fun is the soundtrack, levels, power ups, and some of the boss fights. There are two sides to each world, there the normal world where you start on and there’s the special worlds that take place when you go underground. The Boss fights in the game are good too at times like Boom Boom and Pom Pom which are pretty easy, the bowser boss fights are great as well even Dry Bowser (where you get to unlock Luigi) this game as lots of memories from my childhood and to others as well, its not bad but definitely not the greatest, it could have been better but i personally admire this game and recommend it.

Mario Kart 7

Back when the 3DS what a hot Nintendo handheld in the early 2010s it even got its own Mario Kart game that being Mario Kart 7. In this racing game Mario and his friends not only get their own karts, but you can also customize them as your own in every race you play in the game plus this is the first Mario Kart game with the kite that allows the player to glide in the air for a limited time. The tracks in the game are very fun as well even the newer ones, most of them have decent designs and some of them and there are some that have improvements, my two favorites are Bowser’s City and Piranha Plant Slides. I enjoy this game so much as a kid and it still remains to be one of my favourite Mario Kart games, Im mostly nostalgic for it’s gameplay, soundtrack, karts, etc. This game is really fun and I do recommend it.

Mario Kart Wii

Nothing beats playing mario kart and being nostalgic than Mario Kart Wii, the famous one of them all. Mario Kart Wii has ages very gracefully with its soundtrack, karts, tracks etc. In the game you get to play as a variety of characters, some to unlock or even playable already, each character gets a set of karts and bikes with their own unique designs. The tracks in this game are really great especially the most iconic ones like Coconut Mall and Luigi’s Circuit, my two personal favorite tracks are DK Summit and Bowser’s Castle. the controls in this game are ok but I’ve never been a fan of the wii remote control, I usually play with the classic Wii controller. This game has such memorable moments from my childhood that will always be such a Nostalgic take, I highly recommend this game for people that would like to play with friends and family.

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