College Basketball

This season of college basketball has been unique to say the least. 7 times this season, the number 1 team has lost this season. That has not happened in 67 years. Duke is at an all time low. They lost 3 times earlier this season, the first time in over a decade. It is also the first time in that long that they have been unranked, which they are now. College basketball fan are used to having great teams every year, like the 38-1 Kentucky Wildcats from last season. Last year, Kentucky and the National Champions Duke Blue Devils had 6 of the first 13 players drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft. The freshman class this year is significantly worse than the freshman class from last season. Losing great players and getting worse players to your team is part of the reason college basketball is down this season.

Another problem we have is that all of the good players did not go to 3 or 4 good schools this season. Ben Simmons went to LSU, Duke and Kentucky got a great recruiting class as always, and Oklahoma has Buddy Hield. But also, schools like Vanderbilt, Maryland, and Villanova have good teams. Vanderbilt has 2 first round hopefuls in Damian Jones and Wade Baldwin IV. Maryland has a couple of their own with Rasheed Sulaimon and Melo Trimble. Villanova is currently #1 for the first time in school history. As you can see, college basketball has been flipped upside down this year, and things will get interesting coming down the stretch this season.

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