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Favorite memory of senior year- Class of 2020 edition

This past month has been life changing for all of us. As a society, we have had to change what we do in our everyday lives. Our houses are now work spaces, you can not eat inside of a restaurant, and we went from seeing people we usually see everyday, to not seeing them unless it is through a screen. Some ways it has impacted our school is spring sports have been cancelled, we are all doing online classes, and our senior class of 2020 is missing out on the rest of their year. I asked some of the seniors to look back at the year and share their favorite memories. Both Karmen Drake and Caleb Tyson agreed that senior hall was their favorite. “My favorite part was by far senior hall. We sometimes would get to go play games in the gym during that period and when we did, we would have so much fun. Also, my last season playing high school basketball was great from start to finish,” said Karmen. Caleb states, “The best part of senior year was definitely senior hall. Basically, we had so much free time and got to play games. We even would get to go eat lunch early.” Morgan Anderson says that he enjoyed the pep rally events and games. Being a senior, you would get senior privileges like being able to go eat out on Tuesdays and Fridays. Ally Grace Greenlee says that her go to spot was El Agavero with LeAnna Batson. Being one of the leaders of our student section, Ethan Vik said his favorite part was the football games. Brayden Bonds is a 2 sport athlete at NCS. Sadly, his senior baseball season has ended due to COVID-19. “Getting to spend my last year in high school with all my friends was my favorite part,” says Bonds. As times are at its hardest, pray for the senior class of 2020. 

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