How to Stay Connected to Your Friends During Quarantine

As the government advises citizens to stay home for their safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a struggle to stay away from others. Many people worldwide miss traveling, eating out, and most of all, seeing friends and family. It’s difficult to find creative ways to stay close to your loved ones while being separated. Here are a couple of ways to stay together while being apart.

  1. FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty

We all want to see the faces of the people we adore most. Video chatting is an alternative to help maintain a boundary for the protection of your friends and family. This also allows you to interact with people in a more personal way rather than a call. Although, if your grandmother wants to talk, I would resort to a phone call. 

  1. Drive-by Celebrations

If your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any celebration got canceled due to the coronavirus, you could always resort to a drive-by party. Many teens have celebrated their birthdays this year by having all their friends and family load up into cars and drive by their house to throw confetti, show signs, and wish them a happy birthday from the comfort of their own car. This eliminates coming into close contact and is an exciting way to see your friends and continue the party even through quarantine. 

  1. Heartfelt Letters

Writing a letter has been always been a go-to throughout history to share news with others not so close to home. Letters tend to be more personal and have added meaning to them as it takes time to write to someone. Many grandparents would love to go check the mail and see a hand-written letter from their grandchild to them. You should try it out!

  1. Social Media

Another way to stay close, but not in person with friends is through social media. You can post a picture on Instagram to show your friends what you’re up to while sitting at home. Also, you could Snapchat them a picture to show them how you’re doing. 

  1. Social Distancing Picnic 

Many teens have wanted to see their friends but weren’t sure how to keep six feet away from them. If you wanted to see friends or family you could always go to a parking lot, sit in the trunk of your car, and have lunch while catching up on things. While this isn’t exactly ideal, it allows you to see the ones you care for.

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